Because the urgency to create a safe and secure environment is crucial.


For parents and school staff alike, the safety and security of their kids when they’re in school is of the utmost importance — and unfortunately, it’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. And while funding is being allocated across the country from school-to-school to enhance safety of students, and grants are being awarded to protect the vast institution of learning, there are still tangible steps each school can take to elevate their security.


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Elevate Your School Security


Every school is a little different and has unique opportunities and vulnerabilities when it comes to school security, which is why it’s vital to continue to examine how your school can stay prepared. Below are tangible steps you can take to evaluate (and reevaluate) your school safety every year.


Know your emergency protocols.


Because schools often have new staff members come and go throughout the school year it’s not only important to have these security protocols established, but it’s also important that everyone knows about them.   


So, a few times throughout the year — staff workdays are a great time — take a moment with your staff and review your emergency plan protocol. At this time assign point people, so if an emergency does happen, everyone is on the same page and clear communication and action can be taken.  


Analyze potential physical security breaches. 


When it comes to enhances school security, it’s important to limit access points to the school, which means reviewing where those physical security breaches are. Ideally, there should only be one way to access the building — the front doors — and for all other access, only teachers and staff members should have keys to enter the building outside of the front entrance. 


This also means ensuring that all doors do indeed function and lock properly — oftentimes, it’s what we don’t know that leaves us vulnerable. Perhaps there is a classroom door that was damaged and doesn’t close all the way, or kids continually prop open a gym door and forget to close it afterward.  


Examine digital security vulnerabilities. 

Beyond physical security vulnerabilities, there are also digital ones as well, especially at the rate  that technology (and people’s understanding of it) is developing, it’s important to put protocols into place.


Why does digital security matter? When you think about it, school databases contain a lot of sensitive information including financials, personal student information, and potential information that could be embarrassing and used in bullying and harassment. 


Enhancing digital security plays just as large of a role as any in school security. 


Make security improvements.


Adding an IP security system to your school can make all the difference — they’re able to better monitor vulnerable security points outside and provide immediate feedback in an emergency situation. 


Security cameras have evolved a great deal and now schools have access to easy plug and play systems that virtually anyone can install and monitor. 


The takeaway here is that there are many steps a school can take to increase their security, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Impart security protocols, analyze any weak points in physical and digital security, and invest in security improvements such as IP security camera systems.   


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