Securing your business is your top priority and if there is one thing you do today, installing an IP camera system should be it!


Building a business is more than just hard work — you leave it all there, your sweat, blood, and tears, so keeping it protected is a real concern.


If you’re losing sleep over whether or not you locked up before you left or you are grappling with the fear and anxiety of losing it all to theft, an IP camera system may be the solution.


At Yari Tech, we give small business owners a peace of mind. From security solutions with security to managed IT services — delegate your worries to us! Join us in today’s post as we explore the benefits of investing in an IP camera system — if only to sleep better at night!


Why Choose an IP Camera System?


Depending on where not only your life philosophy lies, but how you view what some deem as “big brother security,” as a small business owner, protecting what you’ve built is likely at the forefront, and security cameras are a natural next step. Below are all the benefits of investing in a security surveillance system.


Theft Reduction


One of the most widely known uses for security cameras is combat theft — they are excellent to implement to prevent and reduce theft. For some, just seeing a camera is enough to prevent them from stealing,  so when you invest in a surveillance system, theft incidents can be dramatically reduced — saving you money and keeping your facility secure.

Enhanced Safety


It’s important that any employees feel safe in their work environment, and security cameras are one step towards this. IP camera systems are able to monitor what’s going on in the building, so if an employee is working alone, they can rest assured that if an incident occurs they can alert officials immediately and have footage readily available.


Employee Protection


Conflict can arise between an employee and customer or even two employees — there may be a dispute, and oftentimes, video footage can solve this. Security cameras resolve conflicts and can keep employees better protected.  


Remote Monitoring


New security camera technology provides business owners with the ability to check in on their business in real time, and even better, they can access this information from virtually any device! So, if you’re being kept up at night worrying, you can quell your anxiety simply by checking in.


Improved Digitial Storage


In the early days of video surveillance, footage was recorded on VHS and likely only had a lifespan of 12- to 24-hours before it was recorded over. New innovative IP camera systems are digital and can record and store a vast amount of data, keeping what you need and having it readily available.


Valuable Evidence


You can’t always control or avoid criminal activity, which is why if an incident occurs, it is highly beneficial to have the evidence to provide to the authorities for both civil and possibly criminal cases.


Security camera systems have advanced so much, gone are the days of black and white, grainy footage. Cameras are able to clearly identify parts of the footage down to the small details thanks to their high resolutions.


Increased Revenue


When you invest in security cameras, you may also increase your return on investment (ROI) because you are preventing and reducing theft, events in which costs your business a large amount of money.


Cameras have also been thought to increase employee productivity and enhance communication and collaboration, thus resulting in a revenue uptick for your business!


An IP camera system is the next step in protecting and improving your small business, and as we’ve uncovered, there are so many benefits in doing so!


To learn more about the IP security cameras we offer, connect with us today!