There are many benefits to an up-to-date IP security camera system, learn more about them today!


The importance of surveillance for homeowners and business owners is vital in today’s climate — with people stealing packages right from your front porch to thieves breaking in and disrupting how you do business — the demand for IP surveillance has never been higher.   


At Yari Tech, we help keep your home and business protected through our wide variety of IP security, including our Verkada security cameras. Take a moment with us today and learn more about what to look for when it comes to current technology in security cameras. 

Evaluating An IP Security Camera System


If you’re not in the surveillance and security industry, it may be tough to pinpoint what you want and need in an IP security system and oftentimes that’s clouded by security professionals who try and sell you more than what you need.


You know you need to keep your home or business safe, so where do you begin? Let’s explore the current must-have security features below that will guard and protect your property. 


 Safety Upon Safety


If you’ve invested in a security camera with built-in safety features you’ve chosen wisely, and if you’re shopping around, don’t forget to check for this feature! Having safety measures within your surveillance system is crucial. Not only does it protect your physical property, but it ensures that only the verified people can review its data and footage. 


Built-in safety features often include a single sign-on or a two-factor authentication that adds a layer of protection from the potential hackers or unauthorized viewers. 


Easy Installation


Unless a company is coming in to install your security camera system, easy installation such as a plug-and-play is a needed feature. This takes the guesswork out of installing a complex system and allows simple activation.


Most companies offer a security camera model that runs from a single cord, and because the ethernet is now widely available in homes and businesses, it’s an easy solution for homes and companies to get online quickly and enable protection from the security camera system.  


If you’re dealing with a security camera with local recorders such as NVRs or DVRs it can be difficult to find the appropriate amount of storage space, so if you do go this route, look for a surveillance system with cloud security. Cloud access gives you unlimited storage and essentially mimics the benefits of a plug-and-play security system. 


Single Platform Management


As our technology gets better, not only is it important for users to experience the convenience and greater accessibility, but it’s important that all this data can be shared amongst one platform. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the industry’s biggest opportunities. Streamlining your access from ne platform is important, so ensure you have the ability to do so when selecting a security camera company. 


Having an up-to-date security system is vital in protecting your home or business. Not only are they more user-friendly than ever, but they come with a host of functions that streamlines how users can optimize their security. 


For more information on our security cameras, including the Verkada, connect with us today!