Better secure your home or business with current and intelligent security camera systems!


In part one, we began to look to security camera features and what is needed in our current climate, after all, it’s important to have modern security to protect some of your greatest assets and you can’t do that with outdated systems. 


From safety features like two-factor authentification for when you sign in — you don’t want just anyone having access to your security cameras — and a single sign-on to easy installation (plug-and-play) and managing your security system from a single platform, there are functions and features that you just need. 


At Yari Tech, we provide a myriad of IT solutions including IP camera systems from Verkada. Take a moment with us and examine more of the security features your security camera systems should have to stay current and protected. 

Remote Access To Security Cameras


Remote access is nothing new, in fact, most IP secuirty camera systems have that feature, but how about secure remote access? When it comes to security camera systems, most involve opening ports, which opens them up to security issues. 


The solution? Remote access without the need for users to open ports — this is a non-negotiable feature if you’re a business or homeowner who wants not only surveillance protection but a system that is in itself is secure.


Not only is a secure remote access needed, but the ability to safely share your videos or archived footage amongst those who may need access — local authorities, team members, stakeholders, etc — in case of an emergency. 


Neither party should have to jump through hoops to send or receive the footage, especially when it’s time-sensitive information.


Security Alerts


In your single management platform (which we talked about in our last post), it’s important that it has smart features and security alerts that will notify you when any questionable activity is detected. 


Not only does this provide freedom from having to constantly check your surveillance, but you’ll be notified when any unusual activity such as a person detected in the building after hours, so you know more about what’s happening when it’s happening. 


Other alerts that may be featured are notifications of any camera tampering and camera downtime — this ensures that the IP security cameras are always up and running properly. 


The Importance Of Choosing A Current IP Security Camera System


At the end of the day, security is one of the top priorities for property owners — you need to know that your home or business is protected. This can’t be achieved with a security camera system that is outdated — not only does this leave you vulnerable to a security breach but the current technology is so much more efficient and effective.


The security camera features we discussed in this series, should play a large part in how you select your next security camera system. From secure remote access and security alerts you receive on your phone or mobile device to features that apply specifically to your home or business, consider these in your security plan. 


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