There are many options available to secure your home or business, but Verkada security cameras provide an all-in-one hybrid cloud security approach to safety!


Security for your home or business is vital and you need the ability to protect and secure your space in an effortless way — from installation to retrieving data. 


At Yari Tech, Verkada is our security camera company of choice! We want our customers to feel confident in their loss prevention and safety of their employees, and this doesn’t happen with any security camera on the market, it begins and ends with Verkada! Take a moment with us today and get a better idea of why we trust Verkada security companies for those we partner with!

What You’ll Get With Verkada Security Cameras


We all know that trust isn’t just freely given out, it has to be earned and Verkada security cameras provide take the extra step to protect those who are using their security camera products. 


When you invest in Verkada, it’s not just a purchase but a partnership ot protect the privacy and privileged information of the customer’s data. Below you’ll learn the benefits of choosing a Verkada security system. 


Privacy Protection


Securing your data is our priority and we know that even though it may be your run-of-the-mill footage, you still want confidentiality. To ensure that your information stays where it needs to be, Verkada has put a comprehensive governance that applies to all that who work for and partner with Verkada — even at Yari Tech!


What does this mean?


It means that even though Verkada staff are permitted to view data and use the customer’s security cameras in demonstrations, the client must opt into and set their system in open mode, otherwise, we don’t have access.


There is also a standard that no third parties are allowed to access and view information, and only authorized Verkada employees can view footage and troubleshoot issues should there ever be an issue. 



A Verkada security camera system includes a company that provides upfront transparency. It’s important that people have the right to know about the products and services they buy, so Verkada is more than willing to share the information about who designs the products, where they’re made, and how they’re designed. 


The Verkada software is developed and overseen by a team in San Mateo, California and the hardware is made in Taiwan by a highly trusted manufacturing team. All the hosted services on Verkada cameras are servers based in the US. 


Data Security


Data security technology is a pillar of Verkada as they strive for innovative ways to enhance and strengthen security while reducing risks for clients. No longer does Verkada implement outdated security camera equipment such as NVRs or DVRs and they also avoid port forwarding and unencrypted RTSP video streams. 


All of Verkada security systems fully encrypt data both at rest and while being used with no special or extra steps for the client to take. 


Verkada security cameras provide clients with best practices and standards when it comes to protecting homes and businesses. 


If you’re ready to learn more about how a Verkada security system will enhance your safety and protection, connect with us today.