IP security cameras go beyond theft protection and prevention in your business and can be used for many other purposes.


As a business owner, it’s vital to invest in a security system because you’re able to monitor loss prevention and the enhanced safety of the building and everyone in it. To read more on why you want to invest in a security system, read our post about it here.


At Yari Tech, we are here with all of your security equipment needs so you can concentrate more on your business! Join us in today’s post as we examine the benefits (beyond theft protection) IP security cameras can assist in.


Beyond Theft: Benefits of IP Security Systems


When you think of surveillance systems most people understand their purpose — to monitor theft prevention and to protect your property. Let’s look at how else you might benefit from IP security systems below.


Natural Disaster Monitoring


From tornadoes and hurricanes to heavy rain and hail, mother nature doesn’t shy away from extreme weather. And in it all, it can make dealing with insurance and jumping through all their hoops frustrating and stressful.


Security cameras are a huge asset in these events because they document the damage and provide both video and photographic evidence that you can send to your insurance providers, so they can assess the damage and hopefully give you a faster turnaround time and life can get back to normal.


Vacation Peace Of Mind


Have you ever been on a vacation where it doesn’t seem like it’s a vacation? You’re obsessing over whether or not you turned off the lights in the building and constantly worrying that someone is going to break in. This is stressful and likely won’t cause for a relaxing vacation.


A surveillance system is great for just this purpose — IP security cameras give you the peace of mind and play-by-play at your business, so you can enjoy your getaway. You can use your phone or laptop and check up on what’s going on in real-time at any moment.


Improve Neighborhood Safety


Even if your business isn’t in a traditional neighborhood, and instead, a business park, you can still be neighborly and help watch over others around you.

How often do you see unknown people walking around the perimeter? It happens more than you think, and instead of walking around outside with a flashlight and a bat, just look at what’s going on outside around the perimeter of the buildings. And, if something is suspicious you can always can law enforcement to look into it further.  


Documenting Good Deeds


So many times we use security cameras to observe or find the bad, but what if we used them to look for the good things it documents? Perhaps you have a coworker who goes the extra mile and changes the bathroom paper towels every morning, or you notice another employee walk the same elderly gentleman to his car every week. These are the little things that brighten humanity, so use this footage to compliment and recognize the good deeds!


Surveillance systems have many benefits beyond theft prevention and protection as they can document natural disasters, give you a peace of mind while on vacation, improve neighborhood safety, and capture the good moments!

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